Business Intelligence

Enabling the decision makers with easy access to real-time business information and comprehensible reports is critical to success of any organisation.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards, vibrant reports, consistent analysis for your business

Business Intelligence is all about getting the right information to the right people when they need it. It provides you with the tools needed to make critical business decisions in a timely and more effective manner.

Let our consultants analyse your data and help visualise it across your business. We can help review your current data and tailor a solution that best utilises this information to benefit your staff and business.

BI dashboard

Business Intelligence

How BI can help your business

Powerful Knowledge

Business intelligence generates and analyses an incredible amount of data (often stored in a data warehouse). With greater access to data comes a greater understanding of the workings of your business.

Quicker Decision Making

Are your competitors reacting to changes in the market faster than you? According to a Forbes survey, companies who utilize BI analytics are 5x more likely to make faster-than-average decisions. A well-designed business intelligence system will allow you to gain instant responses to almost any business-related analytical query. You can then use these responses to make an informed decision in real-time. There’s no need to fish through a filing cabinet or a bunch of Excel files to get a very limited sense of the best course of action.

Better Forecasting

By looking at stats over a given period, you can get a good sense of where your business was, is, and where it might be headed. Descriptive analytics uses data mining to look at the past to reveal what has happened in your business. Predictive analytics combines these stats with forecasting techniques to reveal what could happen in your business into the future.

Visualise Data

A good BI system will offer the option to quickly create graphs, charts and matrices that are endlessly helpful in communicating complicated information.

Minimise Guesswork and risks

All too often, business decisions are made on guesswork, gambles, and gut-feel. With so much at stake for your business, your employees, and your own future, it’s incredibly important that you minimize the risks that such an approach to decision-making poses. Business intelligence gives you the data and tools to do just that, shifting you to a data-driven, quantitative decision-making process.

Identify Cost Savings

One of the quickest and most effective uses for BI is cost-cutting. A good BI system allows you to quickly and easily identify areas for cost savings

Efficient Data Collection

Traditional data collection and collation is an incredibly time-consuming process. You first need to pull data from a variety of sources, identify the relevant information, then convert, merge and report the data for analysis. This is often done using error prone manual processes, which leads to excessive management time determining the validity and accuracy of the data. A good BI system automates this entire process, allowing you to focus on the outcomes of the data rather than the data itself.

Customer Behaviour Insight

With the combination of internal and external data that forms the basis of any good BI system, you can constantly analyse the behaviour of your customer base. Are sales of a certain product or service drying up? Are there changes in your customer demographics? You can use this information to pre-empt trends, future-proofing your business.

Business Intelligence

We can help

Not sure what data you have and how to get it? Maybe your data is stored in multiple Excel files? Perhaps you need help accessing data to analyse so you can bring it all together and create something useful? We can help!

Effortlessly publish and share reports throughout your business both internally and externally. And when set in the cloud, your reports are made accessible on any device with a web browser. Gain insight into your business with BI.

Data Analysis & Data Management

Let our consultants help transform your data into easy to consume data formats so you can spend more time making data driven decisions and less time trying to find and understand the data you need. Our consultants do this by focusing on the acquisition and transformation of a wide array of your data into a manageable data source. The consultants then model the data visually to help business decision-making.

Power BI Performance Upgrades

If you already use Power BI reports, allow our consultants to help optimise them and ensure you are utilising Power BI and your data queries to its optimal and efficient levels possible to ensure reporting efficiency and reporting reward.

Not using Power BI or SSRS?

No problems, the key to reporting tools is the data, which is where our experienced consultants come in. Our consultants can help analyse the data, and help build queries so that you can use whatever application that can connect to your data to allow you to report on it.

Power BI Training

Our Consultants can also help train and guide internal staff through the use of Power BI, so they can be internal champions of data analysis and help the business grow into the future.

Reporting Services to Power BI

Our consultants can help migrate your SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports to Power BI. Why migrate?

  • Modernise your reports
  • Make your reports accessible on any device that runs a web browser such as a mobile device
  • Share reports easily
  • Easy to use by anyone in the organisation


hobart client it

Thanks to Axsys we were able to centralise our NAPLAN Excel data provided by the Government into a data warehouse. They worked closely with our teachers to help analyse and build queries which were used to create seriously powerful Power BI reports. We’re looking forward to continue working with Axsys to further analyse and report on other crucial areas of data, such as payroll, student attendance, learning paths, and more”.

Stuart Brinsmead

ICT Manager, Hutchins School

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